Chain Reaction Interview #1 Carlo “Oxy” Menon Talks to Lorenzo “Ciccia” Sabatini

In this first of a series of Chain reaction Interviews Carlo “Oxy” Menon Talks to Lorenzo “Ciccia” Sabatini next time Ciccia will talk to his choice of interviewee and so on. please enjoy this first of what we hope will be an interesting series of interviews. Several players in the world show amazing skills and deserve real admiration, but if we think of how many of them are motivated enough

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Shop News


July News

July has been so nice outside with temperature rising to 0ver 30 degrees, UK nationals is at the end of this week and we have managed to rearrange work so we can attend and bring the YYZ stall with us up and back on the Saturday and then teaching again on Sunday busy weekend ahead.

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June Round Up From YoyoZ HQ

June started well for us with loads of great throws and new fun things to play with not least of which was the Pill a fun little juggling toy kind of based on a Kendama, talking of Kendama due to public demand we have now a small selection of these fun Japanese skill toys on

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May Round Up & UK Nats Announced

May has been a fun month here at YoyoZ  lots of new toys to play with including the Super from 9King Yoyo formerly know as Yoyo Apartment of the 1938 fame, still one of favourite throws, Candy Wire’s hand made in the Philippines by Philippines Yo-Yo Champion Joebert Flores. as well as some of his

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Andy Jones Presents: Viktor Kozhuharov 2014

Really nice video full of London atmosphere and great tricks


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Vosun Aethyr

Company Introduction Vosun are a little known company from China, to date they have released 6 yoyos two of which are available on the yoyoz shop, the first was The Crawler which offered fantastic value for money, owning The Crawler myself and highly rating it I was very interested to see what Vosun would bring

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